Alco Stores Going-Out-of-Business Sales

More than $260 million worth of inventory will be up for sale after the announcement that a sale did not work out for the company and has now been approved for a liquidation and going out of business sales. The small town favorite Alco has 198 stores located in 23 states that will be selling [...]

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New Bankruptcy Fees to Come Dec. 1

The importance of doing things correctly the first time is making itself more apparent starting December 1st, It will now cost $25 to redact information that has already been submitted, From a patient standpoint this makes it more important to find the best bankruptcy lawyer available to keep from having to pay unnecessary fees, Lawyers, [...]

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Judge to Rule When Detroit Can Exit Bankruptcy

Some good news to follow concerning one of the worst cases of bankruptcy in American History. Detroit filed for Chapter 9 due to population loss, debt issues, and peaking healthcare costs. 15 months later Detroit looks to be on the mend with a newly approved debt cutting plan . We hope to see the continued [...]

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Residents of Arizona have not been immune from personal financial challenges caused by the struggling economy. Some have had to file for personal bankruptcy to stop foreclosure on their homes while others have participated in mortgage modification programs. Information is now coming out of foreclosure actions around the country revealing bank practices that have prevented [...]


Overwhelming debt brought about through unexpected life changes such as unemployment and illness or injury have caused many Americans to seek debt relief through personal bankruptcy. Some people have been lured by promises from debt settlement companies to eliminate debt quickly and easily without any negative effects. According to the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy [...]

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A story written on Forbes a while back questioned whether there is a distinction between good and bad credit card debt. For millions of American consumers who needed the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney to eliminate overwhelming credit card debt through personal bankruptcy, credit cards represent delinquent payments, creditor harassment and financial challenges they would [...]

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Company Chooses Chapter 7 Over Chapter 11

News of another financially distressed business filing for reorganization through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy has become so commonplace that people forget that another option for a business confronted by insurmountable financial challenges is Chapter 7 liquidation. For companies with little hope of structuring a plan to continue operations and emerge from bankruptcy as a functioning [...]

Commercial Bankruptcy Can Mean A New Life For A Business

Many people see bankruptcy as symbolic of failure. In fact, bankruptcy can provide a fresh start for an individual or entity. Small companies to large corporations in Arizona and across the country use business bankruptcy to continue business operations while negotiating with creditors. In the case of an east coast ski resort, mild winter weather [...]

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