Bankruptcy Attorney Gilbert AZ

Bankruptcy Attorney Gilbert AZ - Judges or Auctioneer Gavel And Money On The Wooden TableIf you are yearning to discover a new financial fresh start, then contact a Gilbert AZ bankruptcy attorney as soon as you can. It is our goal to assist as many people as possible who are struggling financially and are in need of a reliable resource. We know that those who are having monetary constraints often feel depressed and unhopeful about the future to come. But at Wright Law Offices, our legal team is here to support you. Bankruptcy can be a useful option for those who are in need of a financial restart. We hope that if you are stressed with money problems that you meet with a member of our team about whether filing for bankruptcy is going to benefit you. 

Clearing Your Debts

Depending on the bankruptcy chapter you apply for, most or all of your debts could be eradicated. By clearing a substantial portion of your debts, you will have more disposable income to use for living. This can help improve your finances and mental health, as you won’t feel as overwhelmed by debts. But to make sure you get the most out of your bankruptcy filing, it is important to understand what each chapter offers and which are most suitable based on your circumstances. Your Gilbert bankruptcy attorney can talk with you about your options and suggest the right bankruptcy chapter to file for. 

Halting Collection and Garnishment

When filing for bankruptcy, creditors are forbidden from continuing their collection efforts or garnishments against you. If your creditors are still contacting you after filing for bankruptcy, that is a problem your legal team can handle. They can make sure creditors abide by the law and enforce your protections. We know that one of the biggest stressors for debtors is the constant pestering from creditors for payment. It’s a relentless reminder of their debts and overtime this can affect their mental health, especially if they just aren’t able to pay. To halt collection efforts and garnishment, reach out to our team today. 

Better Your Credit

Filing for bankruptcy is going to have a negative impact on your credit score, however, that is only for a certain period. In many cases, those who have been affected by substantial debt for a prolonged period of time tend to have low credit scores, so filing for bankruptcy will actually start you on a path to rebuilding your credit. Some debtors find their score improves after filing, as they have a better debt-to-income ratio. After around seven to ten years, a bankruptcy filing disappears from your credit report completely. 

Help From An Attorney

Anyone who is considering filing for bankruptcy is advised to speak with a Gilbert bankruptcy attorney first. Our team at Wright Law Offices can assess your situation and then recommend which chapter to file for. If we think there are possibly other approaches to take before filing, we will let you know. We can provide an honest consultation. If you’re ready to speak with us, we are ready to take your call.