Tax Debt Lawyer Tempe, AZ

Tempe Tax Debt LawyerIf you owe more money in taxes than you can afford to pay, then you need a trusted Tempe, AZ tax debt lawyer by your side. An attorney can check your eligibility for all available assistance programs, negotiate what you owe, and protect your assets from liens. Debt and taxes are scary, but it is important to remember that you are not alone. Contact Wright Law Offices for help today.

File Your Taxes

Your accountant just handed over your taxes for your signature. You look at the amount you owe and immediately know you are in trouble — that is more than you can possibly afford to pay off. Do not panic, as this happens to many Americans across the country each year. Human nature is to avoid the issue. Do not avoid your taxes. File them just as you always would. It is important to adhere to all deadlines to not cause further issues.

This is a good time to sit down with your accountant or even a financial advisor in order to get advice on how to better prepare for the next year’s taxes. No matter what you owe, you will have to pay some of it back, so it is best to start budgeting immediately for the current taxes you owe on and the future taxes of the next year.

Contact An Attorney

While any amount of debt can be overcome with the help of an attorney, it is especially necessary for those that owe over $10,000 to reach out to a lawyer for help. A qualified attorney will examine the details of your case to determine what your next step will be. In extreme examples, you may be available for government assistance programs to lessen the burden of what you owe. However, these programs are often difficult to be accepted into because of extremely stringent guidelines.

Otherwise your Tempe tax debt lawyer will create a plan to negotiate with the IRS for the amount you owe and create a payment plan for you to follow. While you are able to reach out to the IRS yourself to attempt to negotiate this, it is not recommended due to the intricacies involved in which an experienced lawyer will have knowledge you may not.

Make Payments

Whatever payment plan is created for you, make sure to stick with it to repay your debts. Under the government’s Fresh Start program, it is extremely easy to create streamlined repayment programs that allow you to easily pay back your debt in smaller, more manageable chunks over an extended period of time. Plus, with this program your assets are protected so long as you continue to make the promised payments on time. There are, of course, rules and stipulations to this program as well in which you may or may not qualify for it. A lawyer will be able to better direct your specific situation.

Contact a Tempe tax debt lawyer at Wright Law Offices for help today to create a payment plan and negotiate on your behalf.