Credit Card Debt Lawyer Tempe, AZ

Tempe Credit Card Debt Lawyer Using a credit card is a fun and easy way to purchase items, but if you are unable to repay your credit cards, you may need the help of a Tempe, AZ credit card debt lawyer to represent your case. Credit card companies may go to extreme measures to collect what they are owed, which is why it is a good idea to have an experienced attorney on your side. They will work hard to protect your rights, assets, and most importantly, your piece of mind. Learn how a debt lawyer can help you, and then contact one at Wright Law Offices today for help.

Credit Card Company Wants Their Money Back

It is extremely common for the average American to default on their debts, meaning that they are unable to pay what they owe. Small amounts — and those that have defaulted for the first time — are normally easy to negotiate and handle on your own. However, if you are unable to pay back large sums or are a repeat offender when it comes to not paying your credit cards, then credit companies may file a lawsuit against you to get their money back. At the same time, they can send debt collectors after you who will harass you until you pay back what you owe, or until you hire a lawyer to protect your case.

While it would be best to contact an attorney the moment you default on a debt, you can always bring one in at any time to represent your case. A Tempe credit card debt lawyer will do the following for you:

  1. Verify what you owe: Clerical errors can occur, and some companies may try to saddle you with more debt than what you truly owe. An attorney will walk through your finances to verify the exact dollar amount involved in the case.
  2. Advise you: There are several courses of action you can take to protect yourself when in debt from filing to bankruptcy to setting lawsuits. Your attorney can guide you down the path that best suits you by looking at things such as your income, your spouse’s income, the assets you own, and any other debts that you owe.
  3. Represent your case: An experienced lawyer can represent you in court if it comes to that, and they can also negotiate with the credit card companies. Most companies understand that they will not get back all of what is owed them, so they are happy to have some money back rather than none. This can be used to your advantage to negotiate your debt down.
  4. Direct you to important resources: Your lawyer is also here to protect your peace of mind. They can provide contacts for resources such as credit counselors that can guide you on how to overcome your debt and avoid it in the future or even mental health services if the burden of debt is too overwhelming.

If you are no longer able to make your credit card payments — or you know you will not be able to make them in the near future — contact a Tempe credit card debt lawyer at Wright Law Offices today for help.