New Bankruptcy Fees to Come Dec. 1

The importance of doing things correctly the first time is making itself more apparent starting December 1st, It will now cost $25 to redact information that has already been submitted, From a patient standpoint this makes it more important to find the best bankruptcy lawyer available to keep from having to pay unnecessary fees,

Lawyers, pay attention-correcting a mistake in bankruptcy papers is going to cost you pretty soon.

Starting Dec. 1, bankruptcy courts will charge $25 to file a motion seeking to redact information from previously filed papers. That means if you forget to slap a black bar over text you don’t want seen by the general public, you’ll have to pay to correct the mistake.

One other new fee will take effect next month, according to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. The existing $157 fee to appeal a bankruptcy court ruling directly to a U.S. Court of Appeals, bypassing the district court, will increase by $50 to $207.

This isn’t the first time bankruptcy has become more expensive this year. On June 1, fee increases took effect for every chapter of the bankruptcy code as well as for filing lawsuits in bankruptcy court. Rather than paying a $46 administrative fee regardless of chapter, the change imposed a $550 fee on filings under Chapter 9, Chapter 11 and Chapter 15, the cases filed by bigger-pocket debtors like municipalities and companies in the U.S. and abroad. Administrative fees for chapters 7, 12 and 13 (the liquidation, family farmer and consumer chapters) increased to $75.

You can read more about the prior changes here and see a full list of bankruptcy court fees here.

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