Alco Stores Going-Out-of-Business Sales

More than $260 million worth of inventory will be up for sale after the announcement that a sale did not work out for the company and has now been approved for a liquidation and going out of business sales. The small town favorite Alco has 198 stores located in 23 states that will be selling [...]

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New Bankruptcy Fees to Come Dec. 1

The importance of doing things correctly the first time is making itself more apparent starting December 1st, It will now cost $25 to redact information that has already been submitted, From a patient standpoint this makes it more important to find the best bankruptcy lawyer available to keep from having to pay unnecessary fees, Lawyers, [...]

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Judge to Rule When Detroit Can Exit Bankruptcy

Some good news to follow concerning one of the worst cases of bankruptcy in American History. Detroit filed for Chapter 9 due to population loss, debt issues, and peaking healthcare costs. 15 months later Detroit looks to be on the mend with a newly approved debt cutting plan . We hope to see the continued [...]

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