Company Chooses Chapter 7 Over Chapter 11

News of another financially distressed business filing for reorganization through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy has become so commonplace that people forget that another option for a business confronted by insurmountable financial challenges is Chapter 7 liquidation. For companies with little hope of structuring a plan to continue operations and emerge from bankruptcy as a functioning [...]

Commercial Bankruptcy Can Mean A New Life For A Business

Many people see bankruptcy as symbolic of failure. In fact, bankruptcy can provide a fresh start for an individual or entity. Small companies to large corporations in Arizona and across the country use business bankruptcy to continue business operations while negotiating with creditors. In the case of an east coast ski resort, mild winter weather [...]

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One Resort Requires Five Chapter 11 Filings

A single-location resort would not appear to be the source of multiple business bankruptcy filings, but when it is operated by five business entities, it requires five separate Chapter 11 filings. That is what occurred in late 2012 when five commercial bankruptcy proceedings were filed in the bankruptcy court in Phoenix related to the operation [...]

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Airline Trimmed Costs During Business Bankruptcy

Business owners in Phoenix, Arizona, are all too aware of the effect a struggling economy has had on their cash flow and accounts receivable payments. Business owners across the country who made the difficult decision to pursue a business bankruptcy have saved their companies by using the business reorganization process to drastically cut costs. For [...]

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American Airlines Shows Phoenix Entrepreneurs Bankruptcy Is Not To Be Feared

Thanks to our still-troubled economy and the mortgage and foreclosure crisis that is wreaking havoc on homeowners across the country, Maricopa County readers have probably gotten used to hearing about bankruptcy in the news. After all, it seems like there is some new story or report on bankruptcy every day.   Sometimes, when a concept [...]

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Stockton, California Municipality Bankruptcy Filing And Its Aftermath

The Chapter 9 Municipality Bankruptcy of the California City of Stockton occurred in June, 2012. Unfortunately, it may soon have more company, the primary reason is that cities across America created big promises to their workers (primarily police and firemen) during the good times when housing prices and the economy were surging.  The problem now [...]

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Rebounding From a Business Bankruptcy

People associate business bankruptcy with failure that occurs when a business owner could not compete in a highly competitive market. Fashion designer Betsey Johnson might have fit that description in 2012 when, after 35 years in business, dwindling profits and mounting debt forced her to close the 63 shops that sold her clothing designs for [...]

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Half of Arizona Chapter 11 Filings Are Personal Bankruptcy

Arizona experienced a 22 percent decline in bankruptcy filings in 2012 from a year earlier, and Chapter 11 bankruptcies increased 14.5 percent in 2012. Individuals and not businesses accounted for more than half of the Chapter 11 filings. This is somewhat unusual because most people filing a personal bankruptcy file either a Chapter 7 or [...]

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Eastman Kodak’s Business Bankruptcy Woes Continue

As Eastman Kodak struggles to handle its obligations under a business bankruptcy filing, the third quarter postings indicate that the losses for the company were $312 million. This is almost $100 million more than the $222 million loss posted for the third quarter of 2011. Part of the reason may come from a 19 percent [...]

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