As a Phoenix, AZ tax debt lawyer understands, finding out that you are being audited can immediately trigger fear. Even if you had been honest when reporting your income and filled out the forms to the best of your ability and knowledge, you could still worry about the IRS inquiring further about your tax return. If you own a business, then the stakes could be even higher for you. Any findings against you could cost you tax liens, your reputation, and potential levy of business assets. By working with our team at Wright Law Offices, we can help protect your best interests so that your penalties are minimized or avoided completely. If you need assistance with your tax audit or litigation, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

IRS Action Assistance

Regardless of how complicated your charges may be with the IRS, we are equipped to provide representation at the national and local level of court. Whether you are facing IRS disputes, avoidance or tax evasion, or tax fraud, rest assured we know the law inside out and can come to your side right away. Tax fraud is deemed a serious offense that can come with harsh penalties. We suggest consulting with our defense team if you are dealing with tax allegations. Tax evasion is a general term used to describe asset concealment, tax avoidance, non-payment, or underpayment. We can work diligently on your defense so that every angle is carefully considered. If you turned in your tax returns late, we may be able to get your fines forgiven and speed up the process of your case being concluded. If you are dealing with any kind of IRS problem, we strongly advise getting legal help before the matter escalates. Now is the time to tackle the accusations, not later. 

Your Tax Collection Case

Our team offers unprecedented representation for tax litigation cases. We can help with both criminal and civil matters, along with those who are being charged due to their spouse’s actions. We understand that facing an IRS accusation can seem overwhelming. But know that you don’t have to go about it alone. That is why our team is here, to support you and create a defense that helps reduce the fines or consequences you may deal with. The sooner you contact a Phoenix tax debt lawyer about your tax collection case, the sooner you can get this matter handled. By putting off an IRS issue of this nature, it is likely that the situation will only worsen.

Team Experienced In IRS Disputes

At Wright Law Offices, we are a team experienced in IRS disputes. You can trust a Phoenix tax debt lawyer to represent your case in a way that takes the situation seriously and continually watches out for your best interest. What is important is that you have a team to help prevent added penalties, fines, or other repercussions. If you have questions that need answering, we are ready to hear from you. Please reach out to our team without delay about your IRS tax collection case.