Bankruptcy Attorney Chandler AZ

Bankruptcy Attorney Chandler AZ - different invoices and bills,sosFiling for bankruptcy is a big decision that can have lasting impacts on your financial status, so we strongly recommend speaking with a Chandler AZ bankruptcy attorney before filing. We can make sure that this step will be in your best interest now and into the future. Bankruptcy will affect your loan eligibility, property, and business. Some bankruptcy chapters take months to complete, and others longer. It can be a financially complicated process, so the more you understand what happens next and make preparations before filing, the more likely you are to get the most benefits from it. If you have questions or concerns about filing for bankruptcy, contact the Wright Law Offices.

You Spend More Than You Earn

If you are spending more money than is coming in, then bankruptcy could be an option for you. Many people are forced to file because of an underinsured or uninsured medical emergency, job loss, or divorce. But others may mismanage their money on a consistent basis. If you think you are in the latter situation, sit down and write down what your expenses are, what you are spending your money on, credit card statements, and bills to identify every expense. Does the total of your costs exceed your income? If so, you have a couple options. You could learn how to manage your money more effectively or make more money. But for some people, their spending habits are not the problem and making more money in the foreseeable future just isn’t possible. 

You Have Maxed Out Credit Cards 

Credit cards are useful but because of high-interest rates, it’s prudent to keep as low of a balance as possible. If you have been only getting by using credit cards, that approach is not sustainable. With bankruptcy, you may have most or all of your debts canceled, depending on what they are. Some things are dischargeable, and others are not. That is something to find out by consulting with a Chandler bankruptcy attorney as soon as you can. By knowing which debts would get dropped off and which would stay, you have a better idea about whether bankruptcy is right for you. Maxing out credit cards for living necessities can only last so long. It’s normal to feel apprehensive about the future if this is how you have been living for quite some time. Every person deserves to feel more secure about their finances and that they have help from the people around them. For support and information about bankruptcy, we are only a phone call or email away.

Schedule A Consultation

There is no shame in getting help and learning about what your financial options are based on your current situation. Some people don’t know if there are changes they could make to their daily spending, or if their money problems vastly outweigh earnings and bankruptcy is needed. A Chandler bankruptcy attorney knows that bankruptcy can be a viable option for many people, where their lives are on a better path than it was before. To have your questions answered over a consultation, call us at Wright Law Offices at your next convenience.