IRAs Protected During Bankruptcy

In a case with implications for those filing bankruptcy in Arizona and across the nation, the Bankruptcy Appellate Court for the Eight Circuit agreed that individual retirement annuities were exempt from bankruptcy cases. In 2005, a new law was enacted to make it easier for creditors to recover the monies they were owed. However, some [...]

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Credit Unions Treat Personal Bankruptcy Differently From Banks

There's a difference between how banks and credit unions each handle patrons in a financial crisis. While banks may allow customers who have included bank debts in a personal bankruptcy to continue to patronize them, credit unions don't allow the same. When a debt owed to a credit union is discharged in a  bankruptcy, the [...]

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Should You File Bankruptcy Before Or After Divorce?

Arizona residents who are contemplating filing for bankruptcy might be wondering whether they should do so before they file for divorce or not. This is a valid concern, especially for individuals whose names are on the mortgages for the residences they share with their spouses. According to an expert, it is wise for individuals to [...]