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One frequently cited reason why people seek advice about bankruptcy and other debt relief options is to avoid ongoing harassment from creditors. Whether a client needs to stop repossession of a vehicle or fight foreclosure on a primary residence, a bankruptcy attorney can explain the many legal options available.

As important as legal advice from a debt relief lawyer can ultimately be for a creditor, a few common sense tips can help those who are experiencing debt collection harassment:

  • Understand the basic legal rights of consumers under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the protections provided by the Federal Trade Commission and other state and federal government agencies
  • Keep a close record of all conversations and correspondence with debt collectors to document abusive or unacceptable practices, and request a written statement that details the alleged debt
  • Demand the address of debt collectors who call repeatedly, and send a certified cease-and-desist letter to request that the calls stop

Private collection agencies often pick up debt from banks and credit card companies for pennies on the dollar and have everything to gain by hounding debtors. For that same reason, they can be amenable to settlements if the person who owes them takes a strong negotiating stance.

Most important of all, consumers should never depend on a harassing caller for honest information about their rights and obligations. A consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer can provide immediate insights into everything from debt settlement negotiations to the immediate relief provided by the automatic stay under U.S. and Arizona bankruptcy laws.

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Why should you hire our firm to represent you in bankruptcy?

Great question. Here are a few reasons:

  • 1. Bankruptcy is our sole area of practice. Attorney Wright has over 10 years of experience in the field of bankruptcy and has helped over 1000 people successfully file.
  • 2. Attorney Wright has an accounting background that is useful in analyzing complex financial documents. Prior to law school he obtained a degree in accounting from the University of Wisconsin School of Business. He exercised his strong numerical aptitude in the field of accounting, including several years with The Kohler Co., before ultimately deciding to pursue a law degree.
  • 3. New clients meet with an attorney during their first visit. We understand your time is valuable. It is important your questions are answered quickly and accurately so you can take appropriate steps to secure a better financial future and eliminate fear and stress.
  • 4. In business, referrals are the highest form of professional compliment. We frequently receive referrals from other lawyers and previous clients.

  • 5. Our firm is small which enables us to focus on quality over quantity. We don’t have billboards on the I-10 or banners affixed to public transportation. Our approach is a bit more understated. We care about people and doing things right and it shows in our low employee turnover and positive reviews.
  • 6. Perhaps the most important consideration is the cost of filing bankruptcy. We continuously assess our fees to ensure we offer fair and competitive pricing. We want to offer you a deal without sacrificing the quality of your experience.
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    What our clients are saying…


    Mr. Wright and his staff were amazing. They made a negative situation a lot better and turned it into a positive. Could really tell they care helping people and I will refer their Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney firm to friends and family. Thanks again.


    I called around looking for the right bankruptcy lawyer and came across Benjamin Wright. He personally called me for the consultation seeing how I live in Kingman AZ. He was very helpful from the start and his staff was very friendly and explained any questions I had, sorry for all the questions. I would definitely recommend Wright law offices, and I do!! Thanks for everything, you made what seemed like a hard thing to do simple!! You guys rock!!!


    Great lawyer, he really helped my mother out of a jam. She was totally new to bankruptcy and he talked with us for about an hour and a half to make sure she wouldn’t be worried.


    Ben is a kind and down to earth attorney. He worked around my busy schedule as a single mom (school, full-time job, and daycare pick up and drop off times). He explained absolutely everything to me and was good about e-mailing. I am writing this review as a THANK YOU.


    I had a very positive experience with Attorney Wright. He or his staff returned my e-mails and calls promptly (even after business hours occasionally). His fees were reasonable. He was patient with me when I showed up in court missing an important document. He is aggressive, but fair and nice.